Welcome to Lets Party Fireworks, the best value firework shop in Essex and the UK.

We offer fireworks for sale to suit all budgets, all year round! Whatever you need, whether it's 100 packs of rockets or one pack of sparklers... we treat every customer with the highest customer service!

Whether you're based in Essex, Kent, London or further afield - we can provide an excellent service to supply you with the best quality fireworks at the lowest possible prices.... buy fireworks from us this year, and you'll keep coming back! We have many regular customers that choose us year on year, as we offer a personal, professional service... come and visit our Essex showroom and see what all the fuss is about!

We also offer firework display services, where our expert team will craft you a superb firework display that you will remember for years to come.

Orders under £100: £39.99        £100 - £300 order value: £19.99      £300.00+ order value: Free Delivery.



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